Teaching and Teacher Education

K-12 Classroom Teaching

For six years, I served as a middle and high school science teacher. Drawing on my deep experience in inquiry-based methods, I have developed curricula and founded programs, such as an honors program that led to record breaking student achievement. As a teacher, I have served as a grade team lead and delivered professional development on topics like long-term planning and positive classroom routines. 

I also secured multiple funding grants and established partnerships to expand my students' experiences. For example, through a competitive grant program with Temple Medical School, my students were able to learn about neurobiology, medical research, and addiction science by design and conducting experiments on model organisms.  

My students enjoying the scenery after an ecology lesson at Island Beach State Park, NJ. 

Teacher Education  

Drawing on research and my experience as a classroom teacher, I have taught pre-service teachers at the University of Pennsylvania and Temple University since 2014.  I have taught courses such as: 

At Temple, student course evaluations routinely rank my courses in the highest tier in areas like student learning, establishing an inclusive environment, representing diverse perspectives, and offering helpful feedback. Here is what a few students had to say in their course evaluations

"Professor Seifert did an amazing job at getting us students involved in class. This class was not a class where you just sat there and listen to the professor talk. She had us get involved in discussions, whether it was with the whole class or in break out rooms, and she also had lots of activities for us to do that pertained to what she was teaching us. Getting involved and actually doing stuff helped out a lot with my learning, and it made the class much more interesting where I was actually excited to come to this class!" 

"My instructor was more than successful in creating an inclusive environment for all students in this course, with respect to disability, ethnicity, gender, gender identity and expression, national origin, political viewpoint, race, religion, and sexual orientation. A lot of our course texts prompted discussion in these areas and Ms. Seifert handled them wonderfully. She was very knowledgeable, providing historical context information as well as what is considered inappropriate in certain communities and cultures. Something that we discussed a lot was race. As a minority in this class, I felt more than comfortable during the discussions with our instructor and my peers and this allowed for me to be as successful as possible in the course. I would certainly take this class again if I could." 

"Sophia is without a doubt the most compassionate educator I have had at Temple. She kept it real whether it be about the course material, current events, or her feelings about things. She created a great space for discussion for everyone and listened to everyone's opinion open-mindedly."

As a practitioner-researcher, I have presented at conferences around the country on teacher education methods and approaches, on topics ranging from designing 'grow-your-own' teacher education programs to pedagogy to combat implicit bias among pre-service teachers. Learn more about my research